About Video Technology Ltd

Video Technology Ltd has been providing remote observation solutions for industrial, military and law enforcement users since 1989, and offers a unique range of both standard and custom-designed equipment.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the best and most cost-effective solution to the problems of obtaining pictures from the most extreme or inaccessible locations.

As well as our well established and proven ranges, we have the experience and capability to design and build equipment to satisfy new and novel requirements for video observation, and our products are used in applications as diverse as places of worship and steelworks, sports events and nuclear submarines, overhead cranes and drug detection.

Aware of the fact that we are often asked for previously unavailable capability, we offer a unique money-back guarantee if we are unable to provide a satisfactory solution to any project we undertake.

Our staff have worked in industry, research, military, commercial and academic environments, and have an extremely wide experience of the diverse applications of our technology and of our customers particular problems and constraints, allowing us to present informed and practical proposals to meet their requirements.