Custom Design

We have the ability to design and build systems to meet specific applications in the field of video and optical instrumentation that cannot be satisfied by commercially available equipment

Much of our production is in the design and supply of video systems built to meet a unique or specific requirement, and we are often presented with an imaging problem and asked if we can solve it.

We are always prepared to offer advice and see if a solution is possible.

We have experience in an exceptionally wide range of processes and environments, and can usually offer a solution to most enquiries.

The wide variety of environments and applications we have addressed in the past 20 years include:

  • Remotely monitoring personnel in radiologically hostile environments to prevent excessive radiation dosage.
  • Measuring the crop ends of red-hot steel in a high-speed rod mill.
  • Observing the metal deposition during an arc-welding hard-surfacing process on the inside of a tube 100mm in diameter and 8 metres long.
  • Monitoring the pouring process of exotic alloy casting under vacuum conditions.
  • Observing the level of slag in a 100-ton vessel of liquid steel, from a distance of less than 2 metres.
  • Observing, at 5x magnification, the weave of a fabric material moving at 20m/sec.
  • Viewing the operation of high-pressure water jets cleaning the door seal of coke ovens, whilst discharging coke at 1200°C.
  • Inspecting the bottom of an irregular groove, 2mm wide and 80mm deep, under 3m of water, with the camera above the surface.
  • Internal inspection of high-pressure pipework when there was no cable route to the outside, using RF transmission.
  • Covert cameras disguised as domestic appliances to identify unauthorized tipping.
  • Observation of sewage sludge inside drying/caking process.
  • And others we cannot discuss……

Realising that customers may be cautious of committing to the unknown, we offer our guarantee that says, quite simply:

If we say that our design will perform as promised, and, given a reasonable chance to implement it, it does not, we will give you your money back.

This allows customers the confidence of a no-financial-risk opportunity to address their problems.